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In Bangladesh educated  person are increasing length of 500 word essay day by day but job facilities are not increasing with  the number graduate person. In such situation our educated person should make themselves versed in different kind of work while studying. Transforming education person manpower our unemployment problem can be solved. Gating this kind of education our educated person should go abroad because foreign education is more fruitful then our country. In foreign  country students  can earn money acquire knowledge about money thing which make them economically solvent and skilled .With heir education and money they contribute to national  economy and create manpower . If our students get this chance they will contribute to our country which will bring prosperity “Overseas Study Link” is working for bringing prosperity through the way of abroad education . Our destination is to achieve the highest development of our country for which we are determined to send our student abroad so that they can make them as perfect person to cope with the present challenging world. We are servicing for the students of S.S.C level edit-my-paper to Masters level to give them level best facilities in abroad . We are managing for our student their level best job with their studying which make them perfect manpower and increase our countries remittance . Our aim is to fulfill the dream of our simply . In intelligent students of general poor condition . Our poor family cam manage to educate their children through great misery but completing study they can not get job. Escaping from this suffering of our poor people we are trying heart and soul to send our students abroad . Getting education from abroad students will not have to depend or job they will become self –depended to do developing work for own self and country . Because higher education in abroad give a student simultaneously knowledge . Money. Skill and perfect-ness which make them man or power through this achievement they can not only make them successful but also create work for other . So we are working for you to give you success to bring happiness and property for our country giving you the golden chance to go abroad getting higher education .

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