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Italy Visa

Why Italy?

Italy has played an important role in europen  higher education . It is on of the four countries that engaged to create the so called” european higher educated area”(sorbonne  may 1998) thus starting that tuype ofhigher education refrome which know   bologana process”” (bologana declaration 1999) is being implamanted  all over europ . Today Italy range among the 8 most industrilised countrise in the world. along side some beg compynise . Both state own and private .  It has developed  a sound network of small and medium – saize undertakings prometed a few scientific park and is incentaviting basic amd applied reaserch in great in varity in fields ( Biology.  IT.medicine .physics .etc )door acess europe study in  Italy with affordable cost higher study in Italy Bechlor/ Masters all most all disciplinary



Usa Visa

 Why Study in Usa ?

Over 720.000 international students are currently study in united states . As the member of destination for international students the us offers  more  attractive opportunities and choice for furthering your education . The united states has an outstanding higher education system every year the times education supplement ranks top the  universities world wide and according to the years evaluation 14 out of first 20 are from the us .


Quality of education:


Distinguished programs at over at 4.900 accredited colleges and universities and institutes provide both undergraduate and graduate students with choice in more than 900 filed of study.

Academic and extra curricular offer :

Even though us education place high emphasis on academic work in the American   perspective a successful acadimac experience includes much more than tests lecture . and study session .

Visa malaysia

We are Represent 40 universities and colleges and programs : A -Level .Foundation. Diploma.Bachelor . /Hons. Master.PhD. Subject : Business (Admin.Marketing .Accounting .Mgt.ACCA.CAT.) Engineering college essay papers (EEE.Mechanical.Aircraft.Telecom.Civil .Marine .Automotive) IT, Computer Law .Hotel Management.Medical >Social and pure Science Fashion Design. Music  Also subjects .